Andrew Bradt
Vox & Guitar

Bucko Ruckus came together in late 2001. An assembly of four band members that have worked together over the years in many different bands around Houston.  While being influenced by an eclectic group of artists they gravitate around original Texas/American music spanning from alt-country to rock-n-roll, blues, folk and everything in between.  Together they have established a unique sound while remaining deep rooted in the music that inspires many.

Their shows are lively and energetic and they have the ability to produce crowd pleasing original songs such as the upbeat southern-fried "I'll drink to that" which is a tune about how someone might deal with a "not so good day".  Country roots show through in "Come Back To Me" which is a pseudo love song and "Ghost in My House" which is a ghost story with a slightly different perspective.  Another crowd pleaser is "Rosie" a.k.a. "The Hooker Song" which is an adaptation of a lonely prostitute that has a happy ending.  Most of their songs deal with real life issues of first loves, friendships, life, death, love, betrayal and redemption.

This band has a great live sure to see their next live show.

Steve Fowler
Guitar & Vox

Steve Lyons
Bass & Nemesis

Shawn Lee Morris
Drums & Yelling